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TCAD & EDA in general

What follows are a collection of articles published on line from EETIMES, EDACafe, and other sources. It highlights TCAD and EDA related news concerning:

  1. The use of TCAD
  2. Important TCAD companies and people
  3. Miscellaneous tidbits about lawsuits and other happenings with EDA and TCAD vendors

03/17/2009 **EDA 3.0: EDA startup guidelines**

  • An article about (or press release for) the next article.

03/17/2009 **EDA 3.0: So you are an EDA startup?**

  • Reads like a thinly veiled advertisement for the consulting business of the authors. Interesting.

09/18/2008 **Silicon germanium: fast, quiet, and powerful**

09/10/2008 **Synopsys agrees to work on TCAD for phase-change memory**

09/02/2008 **Synopsys leverages TCAD for solar cells**

08/26/2008 **Synopsys, Magma eye opportunities in solar market**

04/23/2008 **Toshiba Adopts Synopsys Sentaurus TCAD Simulation for Development of Next-Generation Device Technologies … .**

10/01/2007 **Even EDA ex-Avanti CEO Gerald Hsu has a blog**

05/11/2007 **What to expect at 45-nm**

10/23/2006 **Dr. Robert Dutton - The Father of TCAD**

  • Article about Professor Dutton after winning the EDA Consortium’s 2006 Phil Kaufman Award

10/19/2006 **Gartner Dataquest closes CAD group**

10/16/2006 [;?articleID=193303014 DFM drives EDA growth surge, Dataquest says]

08/15/2006 **Silvaco Announces Final Settlement With Circuit Semantics Resolving All Legal Disputes**

01/16/2006 **Silvaco aims high in EDA**

  • Very informative article

01/09/2006 **Simucad spins out from Silvaco, plans IPO in ‘06**

  • Discusses size of TCAD market

12/30/2005 **Report says EDA market could be nearing ‘inflection point**’

10/15/2005 **TCAD - Technology CAD**

  • An interview with Terry Ma of Synopsys. He discusses the value of TCAD, as well as important information about the TCAD market in general.

07/27/2005 **Silvaco products supporting Stanford TCAD legacy**

09/03/2003 **Silvaco wins judgment against Circuit Semantics**

10/11/2004 **Synopsys gains TCAD, DFM with ISE acquisition**

11/18/2002 **Cadence and Avant Settle Trade Secret Lawsuit**

11/06/2002 **Silvaco vs. CSI trade secrets case headed to trial**

10/02/2002 **Women blast ‘sexist’ billboard**

  • There was a big to do over e*ECAD’s billboards concerning their novel EDA licensing scheme. I do remember seeing them driving on the 101 when I used to live in the Silicon Valley.

12/19/2000 **Avanti mulls how to relieve TCAD bottleneck**

11/04/2007 **Avant! loses $31M in Silvaco suit**

02/12/1996 **TMA, Silvaco settle ‘dumpster diving’ case**

11/15/1993 **Spice market gets too hot**